A couple of primeval elements

Who's up for approaching to put some potatoes in?

A couple of images at opposite ends of the scale this time, element wise. The fire was a bonfire on Guy Fawkes night that I attended at Llys-y-Fran. The guys there took ages to light the fire and it got to the stage where there was much muttering about “how it should be done”…you know, like everyone knows how to cook on a barbecue. Only my beloved seems to have the gift of doing that, three barbecues and no food poisoning yet! The pictures I tried of the fireworks were terrible, mainly because I was so close, but hey, the fire looks nice with a bit of blur.

That waterfall again......

Secondly, my favourite waterfall again, on this occasion I think it was near enough in a flood as you may be able to see from the little overflows. This was one the better of the trip because the colours in the moss, rocks and autumn leaves came out really well, although the image was a little dark toward the centre. Pat on the back for me, I think.

I’ll be back in a couple of days to post a picture of the ford near the Stonehenge rocks I spoke of a while back.

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