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New Year, no change in the weather!

Managed to get out fleetingly on the Bank Holiday all the way up towards Cardigan. The clouds were lovely, even spotted an anvil first thing in the morning. Dad and I were seeking the spot that had recently been confirmed as providing the Bluestone thats found in Stonehenge. When we got there, I wondered how they’d even got the stuff out as the hill either side of the valley was a 16% gradient, even now.

Lovely spot though, with a ford at the bottom and a charming little cottage occupied by the local policeman. What a place to unwind after a day on the beat. That card is full now, so once I’ve exported it to the PC, I’ll post an image or two.

For now, I had a recent storm on another card and thought I’d post a gorgeous updraft cloud I saw. You can almost feel the power in the wind sculting the curves in the upper shelf. Lovely.

An updraft over my locality, a sharp shower cam from this moments later

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